Wednesday, April 30, 2014

HOT BalletFIT Blogger Event Success!

Since opening in our new Natick location in December, we have held a number of really fun events!  From our Grand Opening Celebration weekend, to princess birthday parties, to Zumbathons! This past Sunday, we were thrilled to be able to host some of the Boston areas best Healthy Living bloggers!  We wanted to showcase our HOT balletFIT class with Gina so we started off the event with a sweaty, fun, 55 minute dance party in our 92 degree HOT studio!  Everyone who participated in the class were absolutely amazing...naturals!  We had two scheduled water breaks where bloggers were encouraged to tweet, Instagram, and post to Facebook pictures of themselves and the class using #DanceFITWaterBreak!
 Two lucky bloggers won a 5 class package and a coveted DanceFIT sweatshirt. After the class, bloggers were invited to stay for a Healthy Happy Hour!

Rebecca Hildreth was the amazing photographer behind the pictures of the class.  THANK YOU, Becca for these amazing pictures!! We loved having you document our class and we hope you join us for a class soon!

The HOT balletFIT class was led by DanceFIT Studio Owner, Gina Fay!  It included a great mix of cardio, traditional ballet steps, barre work and a great stretch at the end.  Dancers were sweaty and toned by the end of this class as all muscle groups were targeted!  The heat provided dancers to reach their maximum stretching ability at the end of class and they all looked beautiful!

The full HOT balletFIT class included bloggers from in and around Boston, BalletFIT certified instructors, DanceFIT staff, fitness photographers, and our friends from lululemon Natick Collection!

Check out the amazing blogs we love to follow for Healthy Living, things to do around the city, Mama bloggers and more!

FitMamaEats - We were lucky to have two amazing women, Nancy and Fen attend the event and represent their blog about healthy family living.  They are both fitness instructors in the Boston area too! We are looking forward to Fen teaching a guest BOLLYX class soon!  Date TBD! Thank you ladies for coming and we hope you enjoyed the class and the happy hour!

Sarah from Fit University joined us and after the event, went on to an intense evening cardio event! Thank you so much for coming Sarah, you did such a great job - we hope to see you back in Natick soon!

Looking for some delicious recipe inspiration?  You must check out Live Love Lemon by Emily!  She did amazing in class and was also the winner of our #DanceFITWaterBreak contest - enjoy your 5 class package, Emily!!

Vanessa, a former ballerina looked absolutely beautiful during class! So graceful.  She has a really cool blog, A City Girl's Guide To Life and it covers all things girl!  Makeup, great restaurants in the city, fitness classes, fashion and more! Vanessa, another lucky winner went home with a DanceFIT sweatshirt!  She's already been back to Natick for a class: balletFIT Deep Stretch with Gina!

Lecca, founder of Live Well Boston was so a great member of our blogger group.  She was hilarious, upbeat the whole time and did a fabulous job during class!  She kept everyone laughing at the happy hour!  Lecca, is was such a pleasure to have you in our studio!! Check out Live Well Boston; they cover everything from beauty, to living in Boston, Inspiration for living well and so much more!

Finally, we were thrilled to finally have Lucie Wicker, of Lucie Wicker Photography in an In-studio class with us!  Lucie is a well know Boston area fitness and activewear photographer and she has previously participated in a Virtual 6FIT program with DanceFIT Studio!  We we so happy to finally meet her in person!  Check out Lucie's work here and prepare to be's all really beautiful! We are SO excited that she will be shooting professional photos at DanceFIT Natick someday soon! Lucie recently completed a really inspiring project for this years Boston Marathon.  She followed runners training for the race and documented their runs, their stories and more. Check out her blog to see this project!

Thank you ladies for coming and we hope to see you back at the studio soon!!

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